Redemption West Mesa
1818 E Southern Ave
Mesa, AZ 85204

(480) 243-7154

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Sunday Services

Join us on Sundays at 10:30am for a Bilingual service.
Kid's Ministry is provided for birth - eighth grade.

Únase a nosotros los domingos a las 10:30a Bilingüe.
Tenemos Ministerio de Niños desde bebes hasta octavo grado.


Each Redemption Church congregation is led by a team of local elders and staff. The unified body of Redemption (all congregations) is overseen by a Leadership Team.

Cada Iglesia congregación de Redemption está dirigido por un equipo de ancianos y personal local. El cuerpo unificado de la Redemption (todas las congregaciones) es supervisado por un equipo de liderazgo.

Josue Lopez

Lead Pastor
About Josue
Nací en Hermosillo una ciudad al norte de México, ahí crecí en un hogar Cristiano, tuve la oportunidad de estudiar en la Universidad la carrera de Administración de Empresas, y trabajé por 6 años en el Gobierno en México. En 2001 Dios me permitió Casarme con el amor de mi vida Mayra y Dios nos ha bendecido con dos hijos, Misael y Michelle. En 2004 Dios nos llama a servirle en Estados Unidos en varios ministerios, pero en 2010 nos llama específicamente a la ciudad de Mesa, donde con la visión y ayuda de otros hermanos en Cristo comenzamos un centro comunitario que ahora por su gracia es la Iglesia Redemption West Mesa. Me encanta servir en nuestra iglesia, y ver como Dios nos muestra su amor al ser tan diferentes unos de otros, pero unidos en y por su amor.


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Eric Overtoom

About Eric
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Francisco Espinoza

About Francisco

Nací en San Fernando, México. Crecí en un hogar Cristiano donde mis padres servían a Jesús en la iglesia. Debido a esto, fui instruido a amar y servir a la iglesia de Jesús formando parte del grupo de alabanza. Viví en Texas por 7 años mientras estudiaba mi carrera y maestría en Ingeniería Eléctrica, durante este tiempo me separe un tiempo de Jesús, seguía asistiendo a la iglesia pero mi relación con Él no era tan profunda. Aun así, podía sentir que El me seguía llamando y cuidando de mí.

En el 2012 Dios me trajo a Arizona por medio de un trabajo, en el 2013 me case con mi hermosa esposa Yuridia Espinoza y después de un tiempo de orar para que Dios nos mostrara una iglesia para asistir, Él nos llamó a Redemption West Mesa, donde hemos crecido grandemente en nuestra relación con Jesús y su amor por nosotros. He tenido del privilegio y la oportunidad de servir en el ministerio de niños y el ministerio de alabanza. Amamos formar parte de esta hermosa familia.


I was born in San Fernando, Mexico. I was raised in a Christian family where my parents served Jesus in our church. Due to this, I was educated to love and serve the Church of Jesus by being part of the worship team. I lived in Texas for 7 years while I was pursuing my Bachelors and Masters in Electrical Engineering. During this time I distanced myself from Jesus, I was still assisting church but my relationship with Him weakened. Nonetheless, He was still calling me and caring for me.

In 2012 God brought me to Arizona for work. In 2013 I married my beautiful wife Yuridia Espinoza and after some time of prayer, He called us to Redemption West Mesa. Here, we have grown greatly in our relationship with Jesus and his love for us. I have had the privilege of serving in the children’s ministry and in the worship team. We love being part of the Redemption West Mesa family.


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Jeff Hutt

About Jeff

My wife Melanie and I moved to Arizona from Colorado in the fall of 2008 to be closer to our aging parents. We served in urban ministry with our previous church in east Denver.

We were referred to East Valley Bible Church (now Redemption Church) through a former pastor and became connected to community ministry there. We began serving in the West Mesa area with Pastors Chris and Josue at the Broadway Corridor Center. Our early bible studies and core groups continued to grow and expand into Redemption West Mesa. I grew up with a Catholic background and my wife grew up Baptist.

I had knowledge of Jesus as a historical figure but did not have a saving relationship with Him. I came to know Jesus as my Lord and Savior thru the tragic death of my wife’s brother. We attended his funeral in Georgia. Even though it was a very sad time for my wife’s family, the pastor of his church gave a gospel message that made me realize the need for Jesus in my life. That night, I confessed my sinfulness and asked Jesus for forgiveness, and that it was my desire to follow him. My life radically changed from that point on.

We have been blessed with three older sons and one teenage daughter. We now have two wonderful daughters-in-law and five beautiful grandchildren. It is our desire to continue to serve The Lord and share the good news about Jesus Christ in our community.

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Josh Smith

About Josh

I met my wife Maggie at Redemption West Mesa – where else? And started to get to know each other at our church’s first annual Labor Day retreat in Sedona. We were married in April 2015 and have a beautiful daughter, Eva.

Jesus saved me when I was about eight years old, but didn’t really know what it meant to follow Him until I was an adult. Jesus truly changed my life when He was all I had left and I finally began to seek Him.

The thing I love most about Redemption West Mesa is how deep the sense of community is. Everyone truly knows and loves everyone else, and there are so many ways that the church loves its neighbors in the surrounding community.

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Josue Moreno

Worship Leader
About Josue
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Kris Overtoom

About Kris

I am a prodigal daughter who loves Jesus and am grateful that God is so gracious and loving. I have been married to a godly man for almost 25 years and have four wonderful kids who are practicing adults. I have also been involved in kids’ ministry in some form or other for almost 25 years. God led our family from a church in the Chicago suburbs to East Valley Bible Church to Redemption West Mesa where we have been attending from its beginning.

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Lynne Paasch

About Lynne

God rescued me and showed me my need for a Savior in 1986. Later that year, I married my husband, Mike! Since that time, I’ve been in ministry as a pastor’s wife, mother (of two precious daughters and six foster sons), missionary, Christian school teacher, and Biblical Counselor. I love to encourage women in their faith and walk with others through the painful circumstances of life. It is my joy to worship and serve Christ within Redemption West Mesa, my wonderful home church, and serve as a Biblical Counselor with Biblical Counseling of Arizona! I also love to teach little children to read! Above all, I hope that Christ is exalted and people know they are loved through the good news of Jesus Christ and His sacrifice on the cross!

Dios me rescató y me mostró mi necesidad de un Salvador en 1986. Más tarde del mismo año, me casé con mi esposo, Mike! Desde entonices, he estado en el ministerio como esposa del pastor misionero, madre (de dos preciosas hijas y seis hijos de foster), misionera, maestra de escuela cristiana, y consejera bíblica. Me encanta animar a las mujeres en su fe y caminar con otros a través de las circunstancias dolorosas de la vida. ¡Me alegro adorar y servir a Cristo dentro de Redemption West Mesa, mi iglesia maravillosa local, y servir como Consejero Bíbilico en Consejería Bíblica de Arizona! ¡También amo enseñar a los niños leer! ¡Sobre todo, espero que Cristo sea exaltado y las personas sepan que son amadas a través de las buenas nuevas de Jesucristo y Su sacrificio en la cruz!

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Maricela De la Rosa

Deacon / Administrator
About Maricela

I am an Arizona native, raised in Wickenburg. I grew up in a home that didn’t know Jesus. However, my grandparents lived close by and had my brother and I participate regularly in the Catholic church. I lost my mom at 16 years old and was forced into marriage before she passed as a way to help my brother and I survive.

I had glimpses of God’s love and character through people that he brought into my life during this time. I finally had the revelation of learning about what he had done for me and how great his love for me was after my 2nd child was born. What a revelation! Through Jesus, I had the opportunity to have been reconciled to him and have been given his spirit of peace, forgiveness, hope, and love.

I have a Psychology and Early Childhood Development degrees with a background in social work.

I married a man after God’s own heart, and together he and I are raising our 2 sons and our daughter. My family and I have been part of the Redemption family since 2009 when Praxis Church was still around. I have the honor and privilege to serve and love my community at West Mesa by participating in prayer gatherings, children’s ministry, women’s ministry, and at Immigrant Hope. May God continue using me as he wills and may I be open and obedient to follow Him.

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Mayra Lopez

R/KIDS Director
About Mayra

Hola mi nombre es Mayra estoy casada con el amor de mi vida Josué López desde el 2001. Amamos a nuestra familia RWM y nos encanta mantener a las familias unidas, esa es una de las razones por las que tenemos servicios bilingües.
Josué y yo tenemos dos hijos: Misael y Michelle. A ambos les encanta servir de diferentes maneras en la iglesia, pero sobre todo, adorar a Dios a través de la música. A mi me encanta ser parte del equipo de liderazgo del ministerio de mujeres y tener la oportunidad de aprender de la Palabra de Dios junto a mis hermanas en Cristo. Pero también, me apasiona brindar lo que sea necesario para plantar la semilla del Evangelio en el corazón de cada niño que visita nuestras clases, y animar a cada maestro y voluntario a trabajar con esta misma misión cada domingo. Amamos a nuestros niños y nuestros voluntarios; y nos encanta recibir nuevas familias a nuestra familia.

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Mike Paasch

About Mike

I am so grateful that Jesus rescued me. And He continues to do so.

The blessing of my life is to be married to Lynne. We absolutely love our daughters (and our foster sons)!

We are finding our joy in Jesus. Our life is to help others to find their life and identity in Him. We desire to be faithful and useful for the Kingdom of God.

I teach Spanish at a Christian High School. I enjoy playing tennis.

Jesus is transforming me to his likeness as He is preparing me to spend eternity with Him.


Estoy tan agradecido de que Jesús me rescató. Y Él continúa haciéndolo.

La bendición de mi vida es estar casado con Lynne. ¡Les amamos absolutamente a nuestras hijas (y a nuestros hijos de foster)!

Nos estamos encontrando nuestro gozo en Jesús. Nuestra vida es ayudar a otros a encontrar su vida e identidad en Él. Deseamos ser fieles y útiles para el Reino de Dios.

Enseño español en una escuela preparatoria cristiana. Disfruto jugando al tenis.

Jesús me está transformando a su semejanza mientras me prepara para pasar la eternidad con Él.

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Rachel Gonzalez

About Rachel

I am a born again Christian who was raised on the mission field. I was raised in Mexico and found Christ at an early age. I went to Bethel College in Indiana and moved to Arizona in 2010.

I found Redemption West Mesa in 2014 and have been part of the Children’s Ministry here ever since. Since becoming Children’s Ministry Director, I have been blessed to coordinate volunteers, Sunday School, and many other programs. I am always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to grow and better our ministry.

My desire is to continue growing in my faith through growing the Children’s Ministry at West Mesa. Let’s praise God by teaching the next generation about HIM!

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Rodrigo De la Rosa

Deacon / Facilities
About Rodrigo
I am a native of AZ. I was Catholic throughout childhood up to my teen years. I married my pulchritudinous wife in the Catholic church. Although I wasn’t in a relationship with Christ, my faith said there is a God, and I wanted His blessing for our union.
Years later, God brought our hearts to find Him and a Christian church. All thanks to Him and the people He put in our lives. I am a graduate of Devry University. We have been blessed with 3 children. I have been running to and from God throughout my life, and I’m happy to say that He keeps running after me and calling to me. Thankfully, God has always put people in my path that shared Godly advice.
I found Redemption West Mesa as I was looking for a bilingual Christian church for my father, but God called my family and I instead to love and serve His church here. I enjoy helping and serving in the kids and worship ministries.
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Saul Guerrero

Youth Director / Deacon / Worship
About Saul

I was born in Hermosillo, Sonora Mexico. When I was about 4 years old, my family immigrated to the United States. Ever since then, Phoenix has been my home. My mom and dad raised three young boys in the church and throughout different parts of The Valley.

I met Jesus at an early age, but my relationship with him grew deeper around the age of 21 serving in a church plant in South Phoenix. Later on, I served in a Hispanic church in the Maryvale area. It is there where I met my wife. We served together for years with the youth, building relationships and sharing the Gospel.

My wife and I heard about Redemption Church through my brother, who serves at Redemption Alhambra. When we first came to Redemption West Mesa, we felt welcomed, a sense of belonging, and a calling to serve in a multicultural/multiethnic bilingual church. For the past seven years, we have growing, serving, and raising our two daughters at Redemption West Mesa. We feel blessed and joyful with what God is doing in our lives.

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Yuri Espinoza

About Yuri

Nací en San Fernando, Tamaulipas México. Mi madre conoció a Jesús cuando ella estaba embarazada de mí, así que nací y crecí en un ambiente cristiano. Estudie la carrera de Psicopedagogía y me gradué en el 2010, trabaje como maestra y también como terapista de estimulación temprana en el hospital infantil de mi cuidad.

En el 2013 me case con mi esposo Francisco Espinoza, y ese mismo año me mude a Arizona, ahora somos padres de dos maravillosos hijos Francisco (2016) y Julieta (2018). Dios nos trajo a Redemption West Mesa en el 2014, desde entonces Dios me ha dado la oportunidad de servir en el ministerio de niños y ministerio de mujeres. Es una bendición para mí poder formar parte de Redemption West Mesa, mi familia en Jesús.


I was born in San Fernando, Tamaulipas Mexico. My mother met Jesus when she was pregnant with me, so I was born and raised in a Christian environment. I studied Psychopedagogy and I graduated in 2010. I worked as a teacher and also as an early stimulation therapist in the children’s hospital in my city.

In 2013 I married my husband Francisco Espinoza, and that same year I moved to Arizona. Now we are parents of two wonderful children, Francisco (2016) and Julieta (2018). God brought us to Redemption West Mesa in 2014, and since then God has given me the opportunity to serve in children’s ministry and women’s ministry. It is a blessing for me to be a part of Redemption West Mesa, my family in Jesus.

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On Being a Local Congregation of Redemption Church


Redemption church is multi-congregational in structure. This means that a central governing body provides structure, direction, and support for the ministry of each local congregation. Local congregations, like Redemption West Mesa, are united and collaborative, but each has its own leadership and is free to contextualize its efforts. Click on the link below to learn more about the overall structure of Redemption.

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We are a non-denominational church with a Reformed view of salvation. We believe that all of life is all for Jesus. We have been saved by grace through faith, which is itself a gift. That gift empowers us to be a transformed people who embody His redemptive power and participate in the renewal of all things.

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We are a sent people. As the church we are not called to turn inward and build our own kingdom. We are called to turn outward and give ourselves to the spread of the Gospel, the establishment of healthy local churches, and the multiplication of disciples. This is a call to invest beyond our church, beyond our tribe, and beyond our generation.

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Community and Global Initiatives

We strongly believe that all members of the body of Christ are sent people, called to proclaim and demonstrate the gospel to the world. Therefore our community and global efforts should never be limited to structured programs. However, in response to the needs in our community, and God's heart for the nations, we do build global partnerships and facilitate opportunities to participate in God's mission of blessing the nations in Christ.