El Puente Community Center

Patrick Hill / January 22, 2017


El Puente (The Bridge) is a community center that serves the city of Mesa, AZ. This center began in the summer of 2010 and since then has offered different services especially to the Hispanic community

Our mission is very simple:

Family + education = better community.

In all the time we have been here we have seen the lack of education, especially in the adult Hispanic community. For that reason there is a need for a community center where we can help families by training them. To help them obtain a better future.

We currently have programs that have had much success and we are happy to continue offering them.


+“Tendremos Exito”    Monday 3-5:30pm

+ ESL Level 1  Wednesday 5:45-7:15pm (We offer childcare)



+ Piano and Voice Lessons





3:00-5:30 “Tendremos Exito” (We will have Success in Junior High and High School)

With this program we help youth finish their homework and school projects. We also keep inspiring them and helping them look towards a College career. We offer them a small lunch [because they come right after school], we share a biography of someone that might inspire them and then help them complete their homework.



6-7 PM English Class

Speaking English is a necessary tool for our Hispanic community. It is important to be able to communicate: at work, at our kids schools, visiting the Doctor and trying to go shopping,. Our classes are dynamic and fun. We understand that those who attend our classes have had a long day or work so we offer a welcoming environment so you can gain the most out of our class. We also offer free childcare for your kids.

Basic Education for Adults



Introducing Bellas Artes

Bellas Artes Performing Arts Center will begin offering music classes at the El Puente Community Center in Mesa, AZ. Class offerings for Spring 2015 will include piano and voice classes for young women ages 10-18 years old who don’t have the means otherwise of studying the arts privately without assistance. If you are interested in signing up for a class, please stop by the Community Center to fill out an application. Classes begin in March, and space is limited!

Course Descriptions

Piano Class:

Students in piano class will focus on three aspects of musical development:

  • Music Literacy
  • Piano Technique
  • Performance

Voice Class:

Students in voice class will focus on three aspects of musical development:

  • Music Literacy
  • Proper Vocal Technique
  • Performance



All of our classes are free and our building is always open to the community thus we are always in need of financial help to keep our programs going.

If you need more information or would like to serve you in any way please send an email:  josuelopez@redemptionaz.com


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